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Emotions Page
The Cooliest Site in the World-DUH!

this is where i put random emotions i feel at random times because i am so deep! hahahahaha ya right!!!!!!!!!! JKH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not Mrs. Moss!!!!!!!!! But it is fun to look up random pictures of emotions on the internet!!!!!
As Mr. Lalim would say, "YYYYA!"


Emo-to be highly emotional without telling others your feelings. The pain inside is so great that you cause yourself physical pain in order to try to ignor the emotional pain.
I learned that fun fact yesterday in "Organizing your emotions". HA!

kk, im really bored with alll of these emotions, so I'm gunna dedicate this page to  REALLY CUTE ANIMALS (a.k.a. im procrastinating from all of my homework)
I'm not quite sure what this thing is, but its really cute!!!!!!!